Juni 28, 2014

Some Remarks Concerning the Palaeozonic of Djambi, Sumatra

DURING THE geological exploration of the residency Djambi by Dr. A. Tobler and his collaborators, Ir. Göllner discovered remains of fossilland-plants in palaeozoic strata at Moeara Ketidoeran Siamang, near the Soengei (river) Merangin in the district Bangko in the interior of the residency. As this part of Sumatra is situated about midway between British India and Australia, where a well-developed Glossopteris flora is found, one should expect to find plants of this type here too; especially as similar forms have been recorded from Serawak. The fossil plants from Djambi, however, were more similar to those of Western Europe. The specimens collected at that occasion we re first mentioned by Jongmans in the report on the geological explorations in Djambi, and in 1925 a detailed description of them was published by Jongmans and Gothan.

Because of the great importance of this locality for the study of the relationship between the Glossopteris flora and that of the Arctocarbonic type, further collecting was planned. Some scientific societiés and private persons, a few years ago, put funds at the disposal of Dr. Jongmans, who, however, was prevented by circumstances to make the voyage. In 1925 these funds were transmitted to me and during an expedition into the interior of Djambi, which was made in combination with a geological re-investigation by the Geological Survey of the Netherland East Indies, a collection of these fossil plants was made. A preliminary report has already been published.

I hoped to have occasion to study at least part of the material, which I had collected, as a compensation for the time and trouble, necessary for the collecting of the materials. Instead of going to Java directly, I returned to the Netherlands with the intention to work out the results, and though the specimens had already arrived in Holland long ago and I of ten requested to have put them at my disposal for study. I never saw back any of the fossils, which are now in the hands of Dr. Jongmans.

The following remarks are based upon some observations during the collecting-work, and on some notes and sketches, then made. They are to be considered only as an addition to the preliminary report; the publication by Jongmans and Gothan is now also quoted; it was then not yet known to me.[]

O. Posthumus, “Some Remarks Concerning the Palaeozonic of Djambi, Sumatra”, Botanical Laboratory, (1926): 628-634.

Full-text is available here.

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