September 28, 2014

Sejarah dan Dinamika Islam di Jambi Berdasarkan Sumber-sumber Lokal


THIS ARTICLE discusses the history and dynamics of Islam in Jambi Province. Sources used are two local script, Undang-undang Pencacahan Jambi (Jambi’s Enumeration Act) and Ini Sajarah Jambi dari Abad 700H oleh Ngebih Sutho Dilogo (This is the History of Jambi from 700H of Ngebih Sutho Dilogo). Based on these local sources, the spread of Islam has been known in Jambi since the end of the 15th century, for the same time with the process of formation of the Sultanate of Jambi. Convertion of the ruler to Islam is the dominant factor to ensure the peaceful process of islamization in Jambi . This process is also accelerated by the rise of economic, politics, and culture activities in the area of Malacca strait in the 15th century.

Keywords: Dinamika Islam, sejarah Jambi, sumber lokal.[]


Ali Muzakir, "Sejarah dan Dinamika Islam di Jambi Berdasarkan Sumber-sumber Lokal", Seloko: Jurnal Budaya, 1, 1 (2012): 1-25.

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