Agustus 26, 2015

Being Moslem and Ethnic Identity Transformation of Orang Rimba

OVER THE years, Orang Rimba, an ethnic minorities in Jambi - Indonesia, are forced to convert their religion and believes to Islam. These changes are always imposed by the State and supported by the Malays who are the dominant ethnic societies in the area. Under the impression for development and modernization, Orang Rimba were forced in numerous ways to change their religion. This conversion has resulted in cultural change, behavior ways and finally ultimately affect their cultural identity which are their forest. These changes takes effect on the formation of their ethnic identity. It is necessary to understand how they now interpret and articulate their ethnic identity. This also associates with the globalization and its effect to local community. This phenomenon illustrates how ethnic minorities in Indonesia is also struggling with the same situation. This paper tries to see how they now see and elaborate their ethnic identity in contemporary issue.[]


Adi Prasetijo, “Being Moslem and Ethnic Identity Transformation of Orang Rimba”, Paper presented at the 8th EuroSEAS Conference, Vienna, 11-14 August 2015.

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