The 19th International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics or ISMIL 19, Jambi, June 2015

International Symposium on Malay/Indonesian Linguistics' official website has announced that "the next ISMIL" or "ISMIL 19" will be held in "Jambi, Indonesia" in "June 2015".

ISMIL is an annual event whose goal is the advancement of scholarship in Malay/Indonesian Linguistics, through the bringing together of linguists from Malay and Indonesian speaking countries and their colleagues in other parts of the world.

Papers presented at ISMIL are concerned with the Malay/Indonesian language in any of its varieties. In addition to the standardized versions of Bahasa Melayu and Bahasa Indonesia, papers are particularly welcome dealing with non-canonical isolects such as regional dialects of Malay and Indonesian, contact varieties, and other closely related Malayic languages. Papers may be in any of the subfields of linguistics, and may represent variegated approaches and diverse theoretical persuasions. Presentations at ISMIL are delivered in English, as is befitting an international symposium.[]


Source and further information: ISMIL’s website.

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