The First International Conference of Pesantren Studies

BELOW IS the announcement of an international conference will be held in Jambi:

Call for Paper
International Conference of Pesantren Studies

We invite all scholars from various countries who are concerned with pesantren (Islamic boarding school) and madrasa (Islamic school) to submit and present a paper in the First International Conference of Pesantren Studies that will be held together with Musabaqah Qira'atul Kutub (MQK) by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Indonesian Republic on September 1-9, 2014, in Jambi, Sumatera. The major theme of the conference is "Pesantren: Its Challenges, Opportunities and Prospect". The requirements that must be fulfilled are as follows:

1. The article must be written in Arabic or English
2. It has not been published in a journal or a book.
3. It is sent to e-mail address: The deadline of the submission is August 25, 2014.

The information about the articles which are accepted to be presented in the conference will be given on August 27. Those whoses articles are accepted will be given a return-ticket and accomodation during the conference.

Jakarta, August 1, 2014

Director of Diniyyah Education and Pesantren,
Dr. H.A. Saefuddin, M.A.



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